iBathroom.ru is a non-commercial Russian media project dedicated to everything related to bathroom. We attempt to write our articles as objectively as possible, simple, clear and for a wide range of readers. Our website is for beginner designers and sellers, for everyone who wants to well up in bathroom area.
We publish:

  • reviews of collections of different bathroom goods
  • reviews of different interesting innovations
  • tutorials
  • series of questions and answers on the most frequently asked questions
  • reference information about manufacturers and brands all around the world.

For manufactures and representatives

Our mission is to create the most complete catalogue of manufactures of bathroom products. If we haven’t mentioned your company yet or if we have few information about it, it’s easy to fix it with your help.

The minimum of information we have to know about you:

  • your company name
  • the year of foundation
  • production country
  • your company’s logo in any size starting from 290×290 px

In addition:

  • company history and interesting facts about it
  • information about technologies and materials
  • link to catalogues
  • link to price lists (we don’t share your price-lists to third-party people, under any circumstances, we use them to write detailed reviews and articles)

Our email:

  • ibathroom@ya.ru

What you can do for us

Financial support:

  • We always need financial support and If you want to help us with the development of our website, you can make paypal donations: paypal2plz

Non-financial support:

  • You can send us catalogues, press releases and other information for further usage in our blog. So many things happen every day in our working area and it seems impossible to keep track of everything. You can help us to keep up.


  • If you want to suggest partnership or you have great ideas for our blog we are always open to discuss.


We use information from catalogues and official web-sites. If you think that we somehow infringe copyright – contact us and we’ll discuss this issue.